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Emprowa is a distributor of high quality craft beer within Europe and Asia and a supplier of training programs around Operational Excellence and Operations Management. Emprowa has established a reputation for motivating people to love and learn more about craft beer and run the beer value chain in a lean fashion.

"Our mission is to provide World Class Beer together with guidance and knowledge how to best enjoy the beer"

What can we do for you as our customer


Emprowa is a distributor of world class beer and high quality services provider supporting your beer business. We are easy to work with and can provide a large assortment of craft beer from our selected breweries, but also standardized training programs as well as tailored services around beer management.

What can we do for you as our supplier

As a supplier to Emprowa you will reach customers outside your local area and you can focus on what you are good at - brewing world class beer. We only work with suppliers with passion and ambition to make outstanding craft beer, and if you are one of them, let us know and we will market your beer and enhance your brand to levels beyond your imagination.

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