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Emprowa focus mainly on the combination of three knowledge areas, Operational Excellence, Change Management and Learning Organisations. Below you can read about Learning Organisations. Click on the links above to reach the other knowledge areas.

Learning Organisation: Hands together Learning Organisations (LO) - Do The Right Work!
Learning Organisations (LO) strives to become more like communities that employees can feel a commitment to. They will work harder and more passionate for an organisation they are committed to, and start looking for change and improvements in their daily work and finding faster and better ways responding to customer needs, i.e. do the right work, in alignment with the vision and mission of the organisation.

Team work and utilising the common knowledge within the whole organisation is key principles embedded in the culture of a Learning Organisation. There is well-functioning Knowledge Management system in place for sharing and developing the common knowledge throughout the organisation and individuals are strongly motivated to learn (continuous self-improvement) to cope with, e.g. change or other requirements.

Learning, maintaining and using knowledge and skills for both individuals and teams within an organisation, e.g. about new products and processes, understand what is happening in the outside environment and produce creative and innovative solutions, are of outmost importance to be competitive, Training can be done in various ways, e.g. through group training (learning together) or via coaching individuals, but it is essential to have facilities, scheduled time and access to external/internal trainers in all key subjects.

Emprowa & Learning Organisation

Shared Vision & Mission

Emprowa has coached many companies and management teams to define and clarify their Vision & Mission and link these to the daily work in a visual way. Creating a shared vision that is understandable on all levels in the organisation is a key success factor (KSF) in motivating staff to put in effort in learning and creating a common identity providing focus and energy for continuous learning. A well-structured mission serve as guideline for what a team should focus on, i.e. work with the right things.

Knowledge Management

Emprowa has a unique methodology helping organisations and HR-departments building up a transparent Knowledge Management system for all their employees. By mapping key skills needed to do the job correctly with highest quality and in a timely manner minimizes cost of operations and secure training is done effectively. Collecting theoretical and practical skills on a detailed level to do the work makes it possible to share learnings and rapidly implement knowledge throughout the whole organization.

Personal & Team Learning

Emprowa has a portfolio of interactive training materials, suitable for both Personal development and Team Learning, to be used in any organization aiming for creating a true learning culture, and furthermore motivating individuals to participate in continuous improvement projects and other group work activities. By effectively closing skill gaps and improving the problem solving capacity of the organization will result in an enhanced performance and creating a competitive edge of the organisation against competitors. You can copy a product but you can't copy a culture, especially not a Learning Organisation..

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