Operational Excellence

Emprowa focus mainly on the combination of three knowledge areas, Operational Excellence, Change Management and Learning Organizations. Below you can read about Operational Excellence. Click on the links above to reach the other knowledge areas.

Excellence Operational Excellence (OE) - Do The Work Right!
Operational Excellence is a management philosophy focusing on do the work right, achieved through organizational leadership that focus on the application of a variety of principles, systems, methods and tools toward the sustainable improvement of key performance indicators (KPIs) by eradication losses and waste causing performance problems.

Operational Excellence origins from Continuous Improvement principles and methodologies, such as Lean Manufacturing, Total Productivity Maintenance (TMP), World Class Manufacturing (WCM), Total Quality Management (TQM) and Six Sigma.

The focus of Operational Excellence goes beyond traditional event triggered problem solving efforts to a model of Continuous Improvement based on data collection and structured problem solving aiming to eradicate the true root cause(s) and toward a long-term change in organisational culture.

Emprowa & Operational Excellence

Continuous Improvement

Emprowa has developed robust methods and knowledge in assisting companies and organizations achieving Operational Excellence in their operations, e.g. by use of well-defined Continuous Improvement programs based on Structured Problem Solving, Kaizen improvement projects and Lean methodologies. Leaders and operators will learn to master tools and improvement methods in their daily work and how to develop and implement standardized working procedures, i.e. do the work right.

Processes Control

Emprowa facilitates mapping of your Business Processes with all IN and OUT parameters properly defined, making it possible building up a powerful operative driving systems linked to the company's vision and mission and all main Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) (top-down). However, equally important is to define the loss-intelligence system, i.e. identify losses and waste (bottom-up) to attack (eradicate or reduce) and thus enabling targets are met on all KPI's. The people building the control system should be the ones working close or in the business process, respectively, and they can then become true Process Control Leaders. This way of working suits both operational processes as well as administrative business processes.

Consultancy Support

Emprowa gives on-site Consultancy Support and/or workshop training of your Kaizen teams and in overall Continuous Improvement Management in all improvement phases, i.e. all the way from an idea generation session and go-decision until stabilization of results achieved. By teaching managers, leaders, coordinators and all improvement teams ways for early identification of potential roadblocks and how to follow up progress and consolidate learning, will effectively secure that all key activities are on track and a successful completion of all sub-projects and program phases can take place.

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